Property of Interest: A House Fit for a King
The house where author Stephen King wrote “Pet Semetary”
Photo credit: Courtesy of Lin Dosen

There are a million places creative minds can find inspiration. Museums, nature walks, and historical landmarks are great places to start, but a lucky few can receive inspiration from the friendly confines of their own home. Although, in this case, “friendly” might not be the right word.

Homebuyers fascinated by tales of terror may find their dream home in this 113-year-old house in Orrington, Maine. Located at 664 River Road, the 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath property has it all: classic elegance, storage space, wood floors, an all-season sun porch, a multi-car garage, two fireplaces, and — oh— it also happens to be where Stephen King penned a horror classic.

According to King’s official website, his family was renting the house when his daughter’s cat was killed on the road in front of the home. Soon after burying the animal in the informal pet cemetery in the woods behind the house, literary inspiration struck King. “Pet Sematary” would become a best-selling novel and subsequent film.

Now, for only $255,000, interested buyers might have a ghost of a chance to scare up their own bestseller.