The Index: Top 10 Strikeouts at Bat

At his recent appearance at the Florida Realtors® Convention, former MLB All-Star Alex Rodriguez emphasized that success is naturally accompanied by failure. He noted that while he ranks fourth all-time in home runs, he also ranks fifth all-time in strikeouts.  As we head into the home stretch of the 2017 MLB season, here are the top 10 players ranked by all-time strikeouts at bat, according to

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1 Reggie Jackson 2,596
2 Jim Thome 2,548
3 Adam Dunn 2,379
4 Sammy Sosa 2,306
5 Alex Rodriguez 2,287
6 Andres Galarraga 2,003
7 Jose Conseco 1,942
8 Willie Stargell 1,936
9 Mike Cameron 1,901
10 Mike Schmidt 1,883